Nel Cole, C.I.P.

Nel Cole, C.I.P.


About Nel

I started the company Circles of Hope, because as a mother and a parent I recognized the needs when a family member is in crisis. I have experienced similar situations with my loved ones. I understand the difficulties when a family encounters a loved one struggling with everyday issues.

As a Board Certified Intervention Professional, I work with families in crisis in all extreme circumstances. I have been an Interventionist for 7+ years, conducting many successful interventions, with both male and female adolescents, and adults.

I work with many Educational Consultants Professionals and families. We at Circles of Hope provide the professional expertise to effectively confront a loved one about any addiction or mental health issue affecting their life. We come alongside families to intervene for adolescents and adults struggling with self-esteem or emotional difficulties, as well as with substance abuse, bi-polar anxiety, self-harm and destructive behaviors that threaten themselves and their families.

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