Crisis Intervention Services

We provide expert intervention services for a variety of unhealthy behaviors and have helped many clients receive the help that they need in order to begin recovery. We specialize in recovering runaways and missing children.

Identifiable Signs

An intervention on an adolescent is often difficult because they are usually at an early stage of their addiction. Intervening on an adolescent and adult for drugs, alcohol or behavioral situations can be a confusing place for any parent or loved one. We conduct our interventions so as not to cause a wedge between the family and the love one. Often times when interventions are conducted improperly it can cause resentment between the love one and the family entity. We assist families and friends with the help and support needed to effectively get a loved one into treatment.

Our Approach At Intervention

Performing an intervention is too important to risk. Before approaching your loved one with an intervention, consider consulting an experienced Board Certified Interventionist today. I recommend that you as a parent and as a professional to only work with a Board Certified Interventionist Professional, because they have the proper training and expertise to work with your loved one, in various crisis situations. Don’t just hire anyone to work with your family member, hire a Board Certified Interventionist Professional. We are different from other companies, because we use an invitational approach with your loved one.

Crisis Transportation Services

We are different from other transportation services because we are Board Certified Interventionist Professionals and we transport your loved one safely to their destination. We are different because we conduct invitational Interventions with your loved one. Don’t just trust anyone with your loved one, trust a Professional. Often times transport companies claim to be Interventionist and they are not trained to work with your loved one.

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