Nel was able to reunite our daughter and our family.


Miriam M.

Brooklyn, N.Y.

Nel you were so wonderful in helping our family and daughter words cannot express our gratitude.

Ann B.

Mountain Lakes, N.J.

Nel, thank you for being so good with our little girl.

Deborah D.

Westchester Mass.

Thank you, Nel, for organizing everything and keeping in touch with updates.  Your reports reassured our family.  Thank you, Keith, for getting our child to the program.  Both are compassionate and professional with teenager and parent. Candace C


Nel,Keith, Gracias por vuestra ayuda, comprensión y cariño. Habéis estado apoyándonos a mi hija y a mí en muchos momentos en estos últimos meses. Os habéis comprometido con nosotras y habéis hecho mucho más que lo estrictamente profesional. Habéis sido buenos y generosos con nosotras y mi hija os adora.Os deseo toda la suerte del mundo y muchos ánimos para seguir ayudando a tantas familias que lo necesitan.



Nel and Keith were fantastic in making a very difficult process easier for us easier. We had them available as a back up but ended up not needing them to “intervene”. They immediately were able to switch to a role of helping our son know that the decision he was making to enter a therapeutic program was the right one. He rode in the car with them and they were able in a 4 hour ride to get him to open up to them about himself. When they told me he had said to them ” I just want to get better” it made me feel I was doing the right thing no matter how hard it was. They were worth every penny I spent. I highly recommend them both as a support for parents and their children.


New York, NY


Nel and Keith are very professional and compassionate people. After meeting and working with them, it is obvious that they genuinely care about helping families. They did an intervention with our son and they took the time to talk with him, explain what was going on, and treated him with respect. We will always be thankful for their help.





Nel and Keith,
A note of thanks for what was a difficult but successful day solely because of the kindness and dedication you both and Stephan gave to our son.  You were respectful, deliberate and concerned and stayed with our son where he was each step of the way.  By the time our son arrived at TN, he had already “begun”.  We are hoping the program is  effective for him.



New York City

It is with pleasure that I recommend the services of Nel and Keith Cole. They were absolutely INVALUABLE in helping us with a difficult family intervention. From their initial visit, they demonstrated a very special know how and established a rapport with our Son culminating in his enrollment in a wilderness program.They are professionals in every sense of the word!!!


Ira Schechtman

Millbrook, NY

Nel, Thank you for handling our daughter as your own, we will forever be grateful. Your are truly a professional. Good luck! Barbara L.

Westchester, Mass

Nel, Thank you for taking care of our daughter in your long journey with her. It is great to know she is safe and you took such good care of her. We will never forget you! Blessing!

Kim N.

Lexington, Mass

Nel, you saved my daughter who had been missing and you never gave up returning my girl back home. You are a unique person and that is what makes you stand out from all the others – your determination in returning our girl back home. God Bless you. Thank you forever, Hector. Hector F.


Thank you Nel, Keith and Stephen for all of your help with our son. We were so worried that his transport would have been a traumatic experience but by the time he was brought to his program, he was accepting and ready for the next chapter in his life. Thank you for keeping us updated every step of the way and for helping to keep our mind at ease. You truly were amazing! Maria

New York

We unfortunately had to transport our daughter twice, about a year apart, and the only comfort was that we called Nel back to come a second time. She and Keith were so gentle and soothing with our daughter, and coaxed her to get dressed and to come with them calmly. Transport is never fun, but knowing that you have your child in the hands of a couple like this makes it bearable.

Hannah G

New York, NY

Putting your child in someone else’s hands in never easy but Keith and Nel were amazing. They convinced our son that this was all because we loved him and wanted the best for him. Nels compassion was so needed that night Keith talked to him all night and the next day all was good and off they went. My husband and I could not have done that without a lot of stress for us all.Thanks so much for all you did for us that night.

Linda S

New Jersey

From our very first phone conversation, Nel made herself available as a support person at a very challenging moment. Before any of the details were decided, she was able to offer me a clear picture of how she and Keith worked with children. I believed her sincerity right from the start. When it was time, we needed to create a transport plan in the space of a very few days. Nel and Keith carried me through the process, as well as dealing most compassionately for my daughter. I believe that Nel was able to connect with and support my daughter in a way that defies words. They traveled far together. They shared. And, now my daughter is in a place that she can do the work she needs to do. I could not have done this. I could not have done it without Nel and Keith. I am most grateful.



Dear Nel and Keith thank you so much for the care and expertise you showed in helping my son make his decision to go for help. Your experience was not only invaluable but critical to my sons decision to accept help. Thank you from my heart. Sue


New York City

Keith and Nel were very accommodating, kind and were always available to talk, to get us through this difficult time. They talked me through the process and answered all of my questions. I couldn’t of asked for better people. Thanks for being there for our family.


New York

Nel and Keith, we cannot thank you enough for the calm and caring way you were able to convince our son to travel with you to his wilderness therapy program. Even when things got very emotional, you never lost your cool and helped him to see things clearly in a way that we never could have. Your concern during the whole process – before, during and after – was always evident and we are so grateful for everything. Thank you.


New York, NY

Nel and Keith were completely above board, easy to communicate with, professional, and deeply compassionate. They were prepared for scenarios that I had not even considered and walked us step by step through a process that was as intense and challenging as anything I’ve ever gone through.

Working with you two was a lifesaver. We would not have been able to transport our daughter on our own and feel deeply grateful to have found you.

Rachel and Jules

Burlington, VT

Nel and Keith helped us transport our son to wilderness.  They were very professional, consoling, alieviated any of my worries and were open to suggestions to help my son.  When they got to my house, they were immediately like family and treated my son like their own.  They were able to make him feel better and calm down.  They drove him to the program and communicated with me every step of the way.  They were a huge help and support during this difficult day and  I’m so grateful to them for all of their help.

New York

Keith and Nel transported me to wilderness when I was 14. Six years later, Nel still reaches out to keep in touch. They both truly care about their work and are passionate about helping teenagers in distress (not only while transporting but also years down the road). I was an emotional mess during my first transport but Nel and Keith were effectively able to make me feel comfortable and cared for. After just a few moments in their presence, being transported was an exciting and fun adventure. Nel transported me another three times within that year; each trip being another welcomed outing to me. Hearing the news that Nel was coming to transport me was exciting in itself; I would immediately forget where I was going. I’m grateful to my parents for having found such amazing people.

Nel and Keith: Thank you for everything you have done for me. It’s people like you that have helped me build my life up successfully.


We can’t imagine having gotten our daughter to her program on our own, and we are grateful for the love and attention you brought to the process, from our first phone call through your last check in after drop off.  You took the time to listen to us, you empathized with our agony about the decision and logistics, and you watched us like a hawk as we interacted with our daughter, picking up clues for the best way to connect with her.  We truly felt you cared deeply about kids, families, and doing your work with integrity and compassion. There’s no getting around that this is the hardest thing we’ve ever done, but I feel using any other service out there would have been even more traumatic.  Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts.


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